Gym Dedication

Since 1975, Wilmer Bassett Gymnasium has been an integral part of our school life. It has served us well for over four decades; being used for our athletic program, PE program, events, and fundraisers. Many students have played on its court, sat in its stands, and used its locker rooms and concessions stands. More importantly, countless lives have been impacted for Jesus Christ in a positive way through the use of this great facility. Over the past three years, God has blessed us with many faithful supporters that have contributed to our efforts of upgrading and remodeling Wilmer Basset Gymnasium. The first phase of improvements was the addition of our first ever HVAC system. The second phase added our first indoor dining hall and commercial kitchen onto the front of the building along with improvements in the lobby and concession stand area. This year we completed renovations in the main gym area including retractable bleachers, new flooring and graphics, additional storage, locker room upgrades, and dance studio. We took time to give thanks and dedicate this facility to always be used to bring honor and glory to God. He has been so faithful to us. It is our desire to be faithful to Him as we continue to impact lives for Christ through the use of this facility. We were honored to have 14 of our current and former head basketball and volleyball coaches join us for this opportunity to dedicate the improvements in Wilmer Bassett Gymnasium to the Lord. They have all played a large part in the impact that our ministry has had in the lives of our students.