About our School

The mission of Aucilla Christian Academy is to provide educational opportunities and experiences within a Christian environment to help our children develop spiritually, mentally, and physically.

We are dedicated to providing a “Christian Environment of Academic Excellence.” The goal of the school is to provide students with a high-quality, college preparatory education, ultimately producing future leaders and responsible citizens.

Aucilla Christian Academy, first and foremost, is a ministry for Jesus Christ. We believe that our most important responsibility is to encourage our students to develop a personal relationship with Him.

Richard Finlayson, Principal

A Total Learning Environment

Students and faculty at Aucilla Christian Academy are part of a big family where love of learning, belief in God, appreciation of beauty, respect of one another, development of leadership, good citizenship, and self-discipline are fostered. A balanced, college preparatory curriculum from K3 through 12th grade encourages excellence in academics, the arts, and extracurricular activities.

Academic Excellence

Typically, over 90% of our graduating seniors go on to institutions of higher education. Over the past several years, Aucilla Christian Academy has produced seven Florida Academic Scholars. Since 1997, more than 50% of our graduates have received merit-based scholarships. Our students have continued their education at the University of Florida, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Stetson, as well as many other colleges.

The curriculum is designed to provide solid foundational skills and to prepare students for higher education. In addition to core academic subjects, students will also take Bible, Spanish, art, music, physical education, and computer classes. A variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, in which students receive both high school and college credit, are available to high school students. Students also have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic academic competitions such as science and history fairs, Tropicana Speech, spelling bees, and Brain Bowl competitions.

Christian Emphasis

In conjunction with the emphasis of a high quality education, the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is also stressed. The faculty and staff are dedicated Christians who strive diligently to meet the needs of our students. Our belief is that serving Jesus Christ should always be the number one priority at Aucilla Christian Academy. Regularly scheduled chapels and a variety of biblical survey classes help instill Christian values in all of our students.


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