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Cool Web Resources for Teachers

The resources below are organized by subject. You will find the grade level of each resource in its description.

The Online Resources for Students page also includes Primary Sources, Florida History, local history, and many more useful online resources for the classroom so make sure you take a look at those too.

Resources by Subject----


Arts and Crafts Lesson Plans from for K-12
Google Art Project: Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.
Teacher Art Exchange: an art teacher listserv by the J. Paul Getty Museum. A place to share lessons, art resources, and network with other art teachers.

There are more great Bible resources located under Online Resources for Students.

DLTK's Bible Lesson Plans: lessons, crafts, printables, games, etc.--for elementary
Resources for Christian Teachers: lesson plans, activities, ideas, clipart, printables---keep scrolling down on this website because there is lots of good stuff for any and everything--all ages.
Teen Ministry Resources: lessons and activities
So What? Relating Faith to Life and Life to Faith: teen bible studies and resources
Christian finding answers for those hard questions about God and Christianity
Bible History Online: maps, study tools, quotes, archaeology, customs, illustrations, ancient images, geography


Computer Lesson Plans from elementary-HS
Teach-nology: Computer Teaching Lesson Plans
All About Computers by Discovery Education
Managing Students in a School Computer Lab: mainly for elementary teachers using the computer lab with their class (some good advice for secondary too)
The K-5 Computer Lab
Computers and Internet Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Activities

Educational Video Sites

Teacher Tube: Strictly an educational site--use the horizontal menu at the top to access its resources. Use the search box to look for something specific or click on the Channels link and you will see its resources organized by subject. TT contains Video, Audio, Photos, and Docs files (PowerPoint presentations as well as Word, PDF, and spreadsheet resources for lesson plans), and a lot of other good stuff under Teacher Resources.
School Tube: another strictly educational site, but this one is ad-free. Click on the horizontal menu at the top--the Video section is searchable, Channels breaks the videos down into topic, while Categories further divides it into subtopics. The For Educators link gives you access to lesson plans and other resources.
YouTube Education
WatchKnowLearn: strictly educational videos extensively categorized into subject areas and also searchable by age (3-18). Great website for classroom videos!
Storyline Online: educational videos--members of the Screen Actors Guild read children's books out loud. Site includes activities and lesson plans.
Annenberg Media: Their list of videos and DVDs available on a variety of subject--science, math, economics, history, and art. For all grade levels.
MHS AV Department: Online Video Links: links to online videos for various MS/HS subject areas, includes a link to download and convert videos.
National Geographic Kids Videos: elementary level
National Geographic's Video Site: short 2-4 minute videos on science, space, animals, environment, news, travel, and cultures--K-12.
The History Channel Videos: short 2-4 minute video clips on a variety of history topics--searchable.
PBS Kids Videos: great videos for PreK-1st grade. Click on the Browse button, then click on Topics to find videos by subject.
NeoK12: a collection of "safe" videos reviewed and screened by teachers for grades K-12 sorted by subject.
Smithsonian Channel: Full Episodes: full video episodes divided into Air & Space, Science & Nature, Culture, History, and Kids. MS/HS.
How Stuff Works Videos: good videos on a variety of subjects, unfortunately they will contain a 30 second commercial at the beginning of each video. to find the videos, do a search for a person and scroll down to the bottom--the videos will be listed there.
Free full documentaries on a variety of topics. High School level.
PBS Learning Media: you will need to sign up for a free account to use.
Khan Academy: for 4th-12th grades. Click "Subjects" at the top-contains videos resources for math, science, economics, world history, American civics, art history, and test preparation like the SAT.

General Lesson Plan Resources for Every Subject & Grade

These resources will contain something for every subject and grade level!

Bob's Place of Educational Links: lesson plans and resources for Art, Geography, History, Social Studies, Math, Music, and PE (see the "All Subjects" section for more resources in your subject area; for K-12.
Lesson Plans from search by grade level or subject.
Sites for Teachers: hundreds of educational websites rated by teachers in popularity, includes sites for lesson plans, worksheets, activities, clipart, creating a classroom webpage, etc. provided by California State --all grade levels and subjects.
Discovery Education Classroom Resources: lesson plans, tools, puzzlemakers, science fair, summer activities.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: a categorized list of useful resources for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. Great place for lesson planning resources, rubrics, slide show presentations, and technology for the classroom.
A to Z Teacher Stuff: for all subjects and grade levels, includes themes, teacher tools, lesson plans, printable and worksheets, teacher tips, online degrees, articles, etc.
Internet4Classrooms: resources by subject and topic, for all grade levels.
The Learning Network by the New York Times: a good variety of lesson plans for all subject areas that use the newspaper to extend its usefulness in the classroom--MS/HS level.
Scholastic Teachers: teaching resources including interactives for all subjects and grade levels. Make sure to check out their "Books & Authors" section for teaching with books in the classroom.
The Teacher's Corner: lesson plans, thematic units, seasonal items, bulletin boards, teacher resources, worksheets and printables, collaboration projects, etc.--for all subjects and grade levels. Check out the "Book Nook" link for annotated lists of books for children and young adults.
Teachers First: a great ad-free site for all subjects and grade levels containing lesson plans, lesson units, suggestions for using Web 2.0 resources in the classroom, weekly brain teasers, ready-to-use resources, and professional resources to stay current. I recommend joining as a member (its free!) because you can then have the benefit of customizing TF to meet your needs such as viewing new resources in your specific subject area or grade level when you log on, marking resources as favorites and tagging them for specific lessons or units, space for a custom-built homepage for your classroom, and access to discussion boards.
Wisconsin Media Lab Surf Report: provides links to websites, interactives, and online videos by subject area--for all grade levels.
The National Archives' Teacher Resources: offers a multitude of resources for the use of primary sources in the classroom. With access to copies of primary documents from the holdings of the U.S. National Archives, you can either create you own activities and lesson plans or choose from the resources already developed.
EDSITEment: from the National Endowment for the Humanities, this site provides lesson plans and resources in literature, language arts, art, culture, social studies, history, and foreign language.
Library of Congress: Teachers: another site with lessons and resources on the use of primary sources in the classroom. Offers primary source sets, themed resources, lesson plans, collection connections, presentations and activities for all subjects and grade levels.
PBS Learning Media: lessons and resources for all subjects--searchable by grade level.
Florida Center for Instructional Technology: created by USF and Florida Department of Education, educational resources for audio and text passages (Lit2Go), answers to technology questions, resources of Florida, map, images, clipart, PowerPoint backgrounds, and reading resources. Great site for all subjects and grade levels.
Life's Little Mysteries: this site answers fascinating questions about the world around you and the stuff in it, from things in the news and on your mind, to crazy questions you didn't even know you had. Interesting reference site.
National Geographic Education: searchable maps, facts, photos, art, articles, audio, and video files NG's archive. Includes lesson plans in various subject areas and a teacher store where you can search for materials by subject, type, or grade. (K-12)
S.O.S. for Information Literacy: looking for ideas for research projects? Use the search box at the top right, choose your grade level (K-postgrad), then "lesson plans" and click search--browse through tons of research ideas and topics. Good for language arts, social studies/history, and science.
DeweyBrowse: A great website that categorizes websites by Dewey Decimal classification. There are a lot of good activities for your classroom under the Teacher Resources link. For K-12 grades.

Health & Physical Education

Physical Education Lesson Plans from for PK-12
Health Lesson Plans from
PE Central Lesson Ideas
Spark: Physical Education Lesson Plans
Teach-nology Physical Education Lesson Plans
Physical Education Lesson Plan Page

History & Social Studies

SCORE History/Social Studies: from the California Online Resources for Education, lesson plans and other online resources for history and social studies--for K-12.
History Lesson Plans from for K-12
Social Studies Lesson Plans from for K-MS
Geography Lesson Plans from elementary and MS
Money, Money, Money!!!: an interesting presentation on money for elementary--its history, types, and uses. Warning: contains advertising that could be distracting to students.
Best of History Websites: by EdTechTeacher, links of history websites for all ages of history, even Biblical and art history, includes maps, lesson plans, games and other resources.
FactCheck: created by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, this site contains articles and feature stories that "fact check" speeches, press releases, TV ads, and other public statements by politicians. For MS/HS
American FactFinder from the U.S. Census Bureau: finds facts on the states--elementary
Florida Web Links: links to facts on Florida--census bureau statistics, state government, educational organizations, maps, history, Native Americans, museums, nature, environment, wildlife, and a kid's page. Good site for the 4th grade Florida history curriculum.
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Holocaust Encyclopedia: an interactive encyclopedia that includes hundreds of articles covering topics like the Third Reich, refugees, ghettos, and the liberation of the Nazi camps. Each entry contains hypertext links to other entries and relevant resources including timelines, photos, and primary source documents.
U.S. Geography Resources by Homeschool Share: links and resources on the 50 states
Original Photographs from the Civil War: great primary source site of just photos
Teaching History: from the National History Education Clearinghouse, this site is designed to help K-12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom. Contains history content, teaching strategies, resources, and research.
LOC: Zoom into Maps for Teachers: a primary source resource from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, includes digitized maps from 1500-2003 and activities for analyzing maps.
PBS Education World Explorers: videos on famous world explorers for grades 4-8.
10 Good Video Sources for Social Studies Teachers: for elementary, middle school, and high school.

Language Arts & English

Literature Lesson Plans from for K-12
ReadWriteThink: lessons, interactives, calendar activities, and more--for K-12
Shakespeare Resources: links to sites designed to teach Shakespeare
Language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources: extensive site of links to all things language arts arranged by category--upper elementary, MS, HS.
Learn That Word: Root Words and Prefixes Quick Reference: a reference for root word and suffix definitions
Lexipedia: Where Words Have Meaning: a dictionary in an unique visual format that shows word relationships, includes antonyms, synonyms, and parts of speech--elementary to HS
Simple Teaching Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes: common root words and word origins organized in chart form--elementary-HS
Zaner-Bloser Fonts Online Plus (free version): handwriting and cursive writing templates and activities (K-8)
Interrogating Texts: Reading Critically: 6 reading habits to develop in your first year of college. Developed by Harvard University. Good for high school honors or AP English classes.


Math Lesson Plans from for K-12
Graph Paper & Grids from MathBits
MathBits: secondary & college level math resources
SMILE: Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement--lesson plans designed specifically for science and math--elementary through HS
Mathematics Lessons: by Cynthia Lanius of Rice University. Contains algebra, geometry, and calculus lessons.
Mathwire: classroom tested math activities organized by topic and by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards.
K-5 Math Teaching Resources: aligned with Common Core State Standards
Khan Academy: for 4th-12th grades. Click on "Subjects" at the top-contains videos of hundreds of math concepts from basic math to Calculus and Statistics. Great web resource for those "hard to understand" math concepts.
10 Good YouTube Channels for Math Lessons: videos to use in math.
MathLanding:  math tools and resources for grades Pre-K to 6th grade.


Music Lesson Plans from for PK-MS
Lesson Planet: Music Teacher Resouces: for K-12
Hotchalk: Music and Musical Lesson Plans: for K-12.
Teach-nology: Teaching Curriculum for Music

Other Tools for the Classroom

ABCya!: creates word clouds
Wordle: generates word clouds from text you provide
Cacoo: create diagrams online
CNET: a technology review site--also contains software downloads.
Weblist Copyright Friendly Image Search: copyright-friendly image search for both teachers and student projects
Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound: a wiki of links to lots of copyright-friendly images and sound files for use in media projects, Web pages, blogs, wikis, etc.
Education World Tools & Templates: assessments, award certificates, bulletin board ideas, organizers, calendars, student resources, etc.
iTools: Internet tools--search tools, language tools, research tools, financial tools, map tools, tools to find people
Plagiarism Checker: checks for plagiarism on the web for free
Zamzar: converts files from one form to another (free)
Urban Dictionary: people's slang dictionary--just in case you need it (I would not use it in the classroom though)
EduPic Graphical Resource: contains great copyright-free photos and drawings divided into language arts, math, science, social studies, and miscellaneous categories that can be used in teaching or with your students in various projects.
40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom: activities and tips on using QR codes in class (PDF).
Free Tech 4 Teachers: stay current on the latest technology used in the classroom.
PollSnack: allows you to create online surveys and polls and embed them into your blog or wiki.
Answer Garden: a visual poll/survey that you can embed into your blog or wiki.

PowerPoint, Slideshow, & other Online Presentation Resources
Note: Includes websites with ready-made presentations.

PowerPoint Presentation Collection from Jefferson County Schools, TN: includes links to presentations for Art, Lang. Arts, Library Science, Math, Science, Health, Social Studies, games, and teacher resources.
Pete's PowerPoint Station: presentations and interactives for all subjects, topics, and grades.
Brain Betty's PowerPoint Background Templates for Teachers: for creating your own PPTs
Kidinfo PowerPoints for Learning: ready-made presentations for all subjects, topics, and grade levels
World of Teaching Free PowerPoint Presentations: for biology, chemistry, physics, math, English, history, geography, and Spanish ready-made PPTs.
SlideShare: ready-made slideshows on a variety of topics, contains an educational section; must join (free) to download slideshows.
Internet4Classrooms PowerPoint links: PowerPoint links related to curriculum; includes ready-made presentations in a number of subject areas
Prezi: Prezi is a 3-D presentation tool that allows the user to see the bigger picture of a topic then zoom in to see the details (there is a free version but you must set up an account to use). You can also find Prezis that are already made and are on the web by Googling "prezi" and your topic or subject.


Reading Lesson Plans from (for K-12)
ReadWriteThink: lessons, interactives, calendar activities, and more--for K-12
Storyline Online: educational videos--members of the Screen Actors Guild read children's books out loud. Site includes activities and lesson plans.
Book Trailers for Readers: Book trailers for elementary through young adult book includes SSYRA Award winners
Book Trailers for All YouTube Channel Book Trailers for All Search: Book trailers for elementary through young adult books, MP4 video format.
Literature Based Unit Studies by Homeschool Share: literature resources and unit studies from Pre-K to MS
Into the Book: a reading comprehension resource for K-4th grade
ReadWorks: Reading comprehension lessons and resources for K-6, aligned with CCS and state standards.


SCORE Science: from the California Online Resources for Education site, lesson plans and other online resources for science--for K-12.
Science Lesson Plans from for K-12
Amazon Rain Forest Lesson Plans: provided by who else? Amazon!--for K-8
SMILE: Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement--lesson plans designed specifically for science and math--elementary through HS
The Periodic Table of Videos: Click on an element and a short 4-6 minute video will pop up with information on that element. Also includes other Chemistry videos--click on VIDEOS in the menu to access these--if you scroll down, you'll also find their new Molecular Videos featuring their favorite molecules and compounds. A very cool site by the University of Nottingham in the UK--for MS-HS
National Science Digital Library: the nation's online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. For K-12.
Cell Size and Scale: from the Genetic Science Learning Center of the University of Utah, this site is an online visual aid that shows the comparison of cell size to other objects. Move the sliding button at the bottom to increase the magnification--for elementary to HS--very cool site!
Dendrology at Virginia Tech: Tree Fact Sheets: tree identification fact sheets on approximately 900 species of trees, includes lots of other tree info as well--MS/HS
Dig It! The Secrets of Soil: The Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History website on all thing soil--all grade levels
Earthquake: Make a Quake: an earthquake simulator from Cosmeo/Discovery Channel-elementary to HS
Earthquakes for Kids: The USGS site designed for upper elementary and MS students, contains quake info and activities
Edheads: Activate Your Mind!: science and math critical thinking and problem solving activities for teachers to use
Faultline: Seismic Science at the Epicenter: created by the Exploratorium, this site focus on California's San Andreas fault and the Bay area. Teaches older kids and teens about plate tectonics, predicting earthquakes and building quake-safe structures.
National Geographic Education: searchable maps, facts, photos, art, articles, audio, and video files NG's archive. Includes lesson plans in various subject areas and a teacher store where you can search for materials by subject, type, or grade. K-12
Oxford Sparks: this website illustrates connections between different areas of science--it also tries to show the many connections that science has with everyday life--elementary to HS
The Known Universe: very cool video! Created as a 4-dimensional map of the universe, it takes a journey billions of light years away and then back home again through the known universe. Created by Hayden Planetarium and the American Museum of Natural History.
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program: a comprehensive site that includes real-time event maps, worldwide monitoring programs, earthquake preparedness, and other features--MS and HS.
Physics to Go: a collection of more than 900 websites with physics images, activities, and info
Dynamic Periodic Table: a nice periodic table
TED-Ed Periodic Table: videos and lesson plans about every single element on the periodic table (HS)
The Plant List: a working list of all known plant species.
Surf Report Geology Links: use these links to create a virtual rock collection, tour the geology of the National Parks, measure glaciers and watch them grow and sink as you change variables, explore plate tectonics with an interactive map, and more!
Mammals R Us: a mammal tree for teaching the relationships between mammals; also includes many videos of the various mammals-elementary to HS.
Virtual Pond Dip: learn about life in a pond; click on POND in menu at top, then Virtual Pond Dip to access. Just click on an organism in the jar to learn more about it--great visuals for biology.
10 Good Video Sources for Science Teachers: for elementary, middle school, and high school.


Online Spanish Resources for Wisconsin Schools: for K-12
Teach-nology: Spanish Lesson Plans
Spanish Plans