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Online Resources for Students

All Resources Listed by Subject.

Online Reference:

Acronym Finder
Atlapedia Online (atlas)
Bartlett's Quotations
Dictionary, Thesaurus, & Translator
Fact Monster (kid's reference)
IMDb: Internet Movie Database
Infoplease (almanac, atlas, encyclopedia, etc.)
Library Spot (a plethora of reference info)
Occupational Outlook Handbook (career info)
Old Farmer's Almanac
Refdesk Fact Checker (a plethora of ref info)
Rhyming Dictionary
Slime Kids Reference (dictionary, atlas, etc.)
U.S. Census Bureau
World Atlas

Kid-Friendly Search Engines:

Dib Dab Doo
FamHoo (family-friendly)
Kid Rex
Kids Click!
Sweet Search (reliable, trusted results)

Search Engines for Older Students:

Blinkx (video search engine)
Dogpile (meta search engine)
Find Sounds (any type of sound clip)
Google Scholar (scholarly journal search)
Infotopia (reliable, trusted results)
Pics4Learning (free, copyright-friendly images)
PicSearch (search engine for images)
Radio-Locator (radio station search engine)
RefSeek (academic search engine)
Search-Cube (3D visual search engine)
Sweet Search (reliable, trusted results)
WolframAlpha (computational, numbers)
Yahoo! Advanced Web Search
Zoo (meta search engine)


Artcyclopedia: the fine arts search engine
Boston College's Art on the Web
Modern & Contemporary Artists
Art Resource: fine art image library from the world's leading museums


Bible Study Tools (commentaries, encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.) (NET translation with footnotes and Bible studies)
Biblica (Bible search, concordance, dictionary, reading plan, outlines, and themes)
Christian Answers (Biblical answers and articles on commonly asked questions) (Christian living, Church history, study tools, devotionals)
Crosswalk (Christian living resources, and Bible study tools)
GodTube (Christian video)
The Blue Letter Bible (Bible search, commentary, study tools, maps, images)
The Christian Post (news from a Christian perspective)


American Presidents: Life Portraits
BBC's Historic Figures
Distinguished Women of Past & Present
Encyclopedia of World Biography
POTUS: Presidents of the United States
The Presidents
The First Ladies

Computer & Internet Technology:

Computer Hope (computer help including tips, tricks, & solutions)
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 (tutorials for Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Smithsonian Computer History Collection
Whatis: Every File Extension in the World (file formats & the programs they are used in)

Current Events & News:

Fox News
U.S. News & World Report
USA Today

English & Language Arts:

Aesop's Fables
American Authors (by Washington State University)
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
Language Arts Homework Center by Infoplease (grammar to poetry)
Literary Resources on the Net (well organized collection of literature links)
PoemHunter (poems, lyrics, music, quotations)
Pronouncing Dictionary of Author's Names (Soledad Unified School District)
Rules for Comma Usage
Shake Sphere (comprehensive study guide for the world of Shakespeare)
The Children's Literature Web Guide (links to children's literature sites)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (plays and sonnets online)

Florida History:

A Brief History of Florida (Florida Division of Historical Resources)
Exploring Florida (click on Florida Then & Now)
Florida Facts (Museum of Florida History)
Florida for Kids (Florida Division of Historical Resources)
Florida History, Culture, and Heritage (Florida State Library & Archives)
Florida History Online (University of North Florida)
Florida Memory Collection (primary sources)
Florida Museum of Natural History: Historical Archaeology
History of the Seminole Tribe of Florida (by the Seminole Tribe of Florida)

Geography, History, & Government:

50 States (info on all 50 states)
Awesome 80s (all things from the decade of the 80s)
Best of History Websites (by edtechteacher)
CIA World Factbook (up to date, comprehensive info on the countries of the world)
Digital History (U.S. history by the University of Houston)
Fifties Web (all things from the decades of the 50s, 60s, & 70s)
History of the National Park Service
HyperHistory Online (timelines)
National Geographic for Kids: Countries
National Oregon/California Trail Center (links to the history of the American West)
Native (links to info on Native Americans)
Super 70s (all things from the decade of the 70s)
The History Channel
The History Place (American Revolution, Civil War, WW II, 20th Century, Vietnam, U.S. Presidents)
The New Deal Network (events in the history of the Roosevelt administration)
The Renaissance
The Shadow Story of the Millenium: Women (women past & present)
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (official website of the U.S. Government)
Watergate (by the Washington Post)
World War I
World War II

Health & Physical Education:

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Medline Plus
Merck Manual
PE Central

Local History (Jefferson, Madison, & Taylor Counties):

Jefferson County Digital History Project
Florida Historical Markers: Jefferson County
History & Culture of Jefferson County (provided by Jefferson County)

Florida Historical Markers: Madison County
Madison County History (provided by Madison County)
Madison County History by the Chamber of Commerce
***The NFCC Library has a wonderful collection of book resources on Madison County and Florida history

Florida Historical Markers: Taylor County
Taylor County Historical Society
Taylor County & Perry, Florida History


Ask Dr. Math by Math Forum (elementary to college level math)
Create a Graph (a graph maker)
Discovery Education: Math Homework Help (basic math to calculus, includes calculators and other tools-listed by subject and grade level)


All Music (new releases, video, genres, moods, & themes of music)
Classical Net: Master Composer Index
Creating Music (elementary age students can enjoy exploring, creating, and manipulating music)
Music Education at Data Dragon (learn & hear about different instruments, learn to read music and about musical genres)
Music History 102 by IPL2
Online Music Resources by Music Outfitters (a comprehensive list of links for all types of music and musicians)
PBS Jazz Biographies
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
10 Online Resources for Free, Legal Music by Mashable

Online & Digital Libraries:

IPL2: The Internet Public Library (site is no longer being updated, but you can use material already there)
The Digital Public Library of America
Florida Electronic Library

Primary Sources:

American Memory Collection by the Library of Congress
Digital Vaults by the National Archives
Florida Memory Collection (primary sources about the state of Florida)
History Buff (primary source material found in newspapers for the last 400 years; subscription service but you can get a free trial)
Primary Sources on the Web (links to other online primary sources)
The Smithsonian (click on the various museums)


Amusement Park Physics (the forces behind the fun)
Chem4Kids (Chemistry resources)
Climate Change (by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Earth Floor (geology)
eNature Online Field Guides (for all species of plants, animals, and insects)
Exploratorium (Museum of Science, Art, & Human Perception)
How Stuff Works (science concepts explained through video)
Insectclopedia (insect encyclopedia)
Its Elemental: the Periodic Table of Elements
Kids Earth Science (volcanoes, earth facts, rock cycle, earthquakes, weather)
National Earthquake Information Center (USGS)
National Geographic
NOAA National Weather Service
Oceans Alive! (Boston Museum of Science)
OLogy: Science Website for Kids (American Museum of Natural History)
Particle Adventure (the fundamentals of matter and force)
Physics4Kids (resources on physical science: physics, motion, heat & thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, and light)
Physics to Go (resources on physics with wonderful visual images)
PTable: Dynamic Periodic Table
Rocks & Minerals (facts for kids by OneGeology)
San Diego Zoo (resources on animals)
Science Homework Help by Discovery Education
The Animal Kingdom (vertebrates & invertebrates)
The Biology of Plants
The Periodic Table of Comic Books (click on an element to see a list of comic books pages involving that element)
The Rock Cycle (by the Geological Society)
The Space Place (NASA)
The Why Files: The Science Behind the News
Welcome to the Planets (NASA)
World Biomes

Spanish Help:

SmartPhrase: Spanish General Words (useful Spanish words and phrases)
SpanishDict (Spanish grammar and the usage of verbs)
Study Spanish (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verb drills)