Dining Hall

Weekly Hot Lunch Menu: $3.50 per plate
(available only to 1st-12th grade students)

*Pre-Paid Lunch Card Program: Please fill out and send in form below for card along with $50 to setup account.  To reload cards send in a minimum of $50 when funds are low on students card.  Any questions please email me at bhughes@aucilla.org.


Pre-Paid Lunchroom Card Program:

  • An account can be opened for your student with a minimum of $50. The registration form MUST be filled out and sent in with a minimum $50 for each child you would like to have a lunch card .
  • Cards can be loaded by sending in cash or a check to your child’s homeroom teacher or given to Mrs. Brandi in the lunchroom (please make sure “Lunchroom” is written on the envelope and checks are made out to ACA). Payment MUST accompany the form for an account to be opened.
  • PK through 5th grade students’ cards will remain in the lunchroom so they don’t have to keep up with their card.
  • 6th-12th grade students will be responsible for keeping up with their own card.
  • There is a $5.00 replacement fee for lost cards.
  • The lunchroom will notify parents of K4-5th grade students when their balance is down to $10 so you can reload their card.
  • Cards can be reloaded with a minimum of $50. Only cash or checks are accepted to reload lunch cards.
  • Students will only be allowed one transaction per day with a minimum purchase of $2.00.
  • Pre-paid lunch cards CANNOT be used for any other purchases at ACA except for food items in the lunchroom.  They also CANNOT be used for any of the school fundraiser lunches sponsored by various clubs and sports teams such as the Friday hamburger/hotdog lunches.