Viewsonic Viewboards for Every Classroom

Viewsonic Viewboards for Every Classroom

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ViewSonic® ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software is an easy-to-use annotation software solution designed specifically for interactive displays and whiteboards. ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software lets users write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time – leveraging interactive displays to create more engaging presentations in the boardroom, and interactive lessons in the classroom. Support for all major document and multimedia files enables you to write, highlight, edit, and transform text files, spreadsheets, images, movie files, and more for incredibly productive and interactive presentations. An integrated screen camera feature lets you record and capture every tap, pinch, and swipe on the screen, as well as any speech from a microphone input—then save, share, and playback the recorded presentation with ease. ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software is the ideal annotation software solution that encourages group collaboration and interactivity in both education and enterprise environments.


These boards will allow every child in every subject to experience a hands on learning environment with the latest technology.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Increased Retention – When looking at retention rates of other presentation styles versus hands-on methods, research shows that learners retain only 5% of material presented through lecture and 30% of which is taught by demonstration. Hands-on participation, on the other hand, can lead to as much as a 75% retention rate.

Increased Engagement – Learners can easily tune out even the most engaging lectures or presentations – leading to missed opportunities for learning. Hands-on training keeps learners engaged in what they are learning. Not only is it very difficult for learners to zone out while performing a hands-on exercise, if learners know they are expected to replicate what they are being shown, they are more apt to be attentive.

Opportunities for Critique – One of the biggest benefits of hands-on training in a live classroom is the opportunity for instant feedback, instruction and critique. Whether the learner is completing a technical exercise or taking part in a role-playing exercise, the live classroom environment makes it easy for learners to benefit from interaction from the instructor and peers and immediately implement this feedback to improve.

Extra Practice – It might be cliché, but practice does make perfect. Even those with natural talent can refine skills through repetition. When training provides the opportunity for practice, it is more likely that learners will be able to better perform the skill they learned after training.

Benefits of Differing Learning Styles – Not everyone learns in the same way. While an auditory or visual learner may be able to master skills by watching an instructor perform a task, a kinesthetic learner will perform better if they perform the task themselves. Offering hands-on activities in your classroom can benefit all types of learners by providing opportunities for all types of learners to observe as well as perform.