Financial Aid

PreK (K4) Eligible

Applying for the Voluntary PreKindergarten Program (VPK) for 4-year-old Students:
(*Note: Students must also apply to ACA. Read more about ACA’s program here.)

Kindergarten (K5)-12th Grade Eligible

Aucilla Christian Academy offers a need based financial aid program which operates in conjunction with FACTS Grant & Aid Application from Lincoln, Nebraska. All parents seeking financial assistance must complete and send in a FACTS student aid form and their Federal Tax return by April 1st. Forms are available from Aucilla Christian Academy as early as February 1st. We cannot guarantee the processing of applications for financial aid filed after April 1st.

Once FACTS completes its review of all applicants, a report is sent to the school to be evaluated by the Financial Aid Committee. The Financial Aid Committee will meet and decide financial assistance for each family that applied based on the report from FACTS. The Financial aid award letters will be mailed around May 15th. All awards are made for one year and parents must submit a new application to FACTS each year they would like to be considered for the need based financial aid. In considering the renewal of an award, the financial need and payment history of the parent, as well as the student’s academic achievement, citizenship, and attendance are considered. If, in the judgment of the school, a student is not meeting the established criteria, then the award could be decreased or terminated.

An alternative for families is to apply for the Step Up for Students program which is the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program established by the state of Florida. Aucilla Christian Academy has determined to accept a limited number of students for the Step Up program each year. In order to qualify for this program, families must be eligible for the free or reduced lunch program. Parents must apply online at Once eligibility has been determined, the family will receive an Award Letter which needs to be presented ASAP to Aucilla Christian Academy. The award amount is determined each year by the Florida Legislature. Our school policy does not allow students to participate in both the Step Up for Students and FACTS financial aid.

Aucilla Christian Academy retains the privilege to make changes, amendments, and corrections of the fees, rules and policies of the school at any time, with or without prior notice, at the discretion of the Board. The Board of Directors sets all school policy.

Applying for FACTS

Please click the link below to apply for FACTS:

Fill out the online application: FACTS Online Application

Applying for Step Up for Students:

(*Step Up for Students can ONLY be applied for online.)

Step Up for Students Online Application

Aucilla Christian Academy offers no exceptional student programs and does not provide any support services.

Aucilla Christian Academy is accredited by Florida Council of Independent Schools.  For more information on accreditation standards including personnel and teacher qualifications, visit the FCIS website at FCIS Standards for Accreditation (the document is in PDF format).