It is our desire to provide students and parents with all the information they will need to help them successfully reach the next level of education.

Guidance Essentials

  • Must take the ACT or SAT once before Graduation
  • All high school course work must be passed with a 70 or above yearly average
  • 25 hours of community service must be completed for each year enrolled at Aucilla Christian Academy
  • Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate in high school sport.

Bright Futures Qualifying Scores (Graduating class 2013-2014 and beyond):

    • Florida Academic Scholar – ACT 29 SAT 1330 (GPA Weighted 3.5) with 100 hours of Community Service
    • Florida Medallion Scholar – ACT 25 SAT 1210 (GPA Weighted 3.0) with 75 Community Service

Aucilla Christian Academy has a long standing relationship with North Florida College in Madison.  A limited number of dual enrollment courses are offered on the ACA campus.  Dual enrollment courses allow students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  The courses offered are designed to enhance our Advanced Placement and Honors curriculum.  In order to qualify for dual enrollment courses, students must have an appropriate GPA and test score.  See the guidance counselor for these specific qualifications.  At this time, the on campus courses are the only courses available to our students.

All ACA students are required to take either the ACT or SAT prior to graduating. We encourage everyone to take it at least once during their junior year, preferably in the fall, so they know where they stand and what they need to work on for scholarship and recruiting purposes.

Attention Athletes! If you are an ACA athlete interested in playing collegiate sports, you NEED to take the ACT or SAT at the end of your sophomore year or the beginning of your junior year for recruiting purposes! When you take your ACT or SAT, you need to enter “9999” as one of the institutions where you want your scores sent. This will allow the test company to send them directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Registration and other additional information regarding test dates, fees, and scores can found on the links section by clicking on ACT or SAT Student Site or see Mr. Harvin for registration packets and help.

*** School ID Code: 101-173 ***

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